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Brown Sugar


This luxurious treat tantalizes your senses with its intoxicating sweet aroma with a slightly nutty undertone. Our brown Sugar Body Butter evokes a warm, comforting sensation similar to a cozy fall night at home cooking with your grandmom. Like a soft blanket wrap yourself in our Brown Sugar body butter as with each application brings back fond memories making everything feel right with the world.

Brown Sugar


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I absolutely love this formula, I’ve tried many different brands of body butter, spent hundreds of dollars and I’ve got to say this is in my top ten! The vanilla bean scent is my favorite out of the ones the got. Would definitely recommend this product and will be repurchasing in the future!!!

Krystal Collins
I love the texture

Body "butters" I've previously purchased from small businesses were simply melted cocnut oil, but this is actually whipped.
Although it doesn't dmell like brown sugar(to me), I'm satisfied and plan to be a repeat customer.

Travasie Powell
Brown Sugar

I really love this body cream and the smell of it.

Best ever, so lush

My first tub was a gift this January and it was exactly what I needed for these crazy dry heat winters. I’m talking cryptkeeper chic. I’m saying I looked like the Ancient Scrolls of the Dead Skin. I’m telling you my skin was so dry if I snap my fingers I’d start a fire, and I was on my second strike.

Do you know how silky I am? Do you know how delicious I smell? You could know these things. You could be this sexily moisturized too. My girl got me 4 Oz and I just came in here to stock up for the winter season because this winter I plan to have skin so soft, other people get angry.

That’s all I’m saying.

Sandra L.
Love it!!

I really love the way this body cream melts into my skin. It keeps my dry skin moisturized and soft all day. I will definitely be purchasing more. Excellent product!!!