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As seen on media outlets such as BuzzFeed, Refinery, 29, The Every Girl and Yahoo news!

Elysium Naturals Co.



I can't say enough positive things about these BUTTAS BAAABY! Lemon Lavish is my favorite and I love how feminine the chamomile smells. Thank you for great customer service and an awesome product, Lamont and Auri❤

B Augustus

My purchase was shipped within hours and arrived on time. This whipped butter melted on contact with my skin. It absorbed to the point that it wasn’t greasy but yet I still felt moisturized hours later. And the company is Black Owned- Need I say more? You definitely have a repeat customer. Thank you!

Syreeta Streater

This product is Absolutely Amazing! I can not stress enough how much this product has changed my skin. No longer are my hands rough and white from dryness but rather they feel instantly moisturized and supple. MUST HAVE item! Bravo Elysium, you've truly created an award winner 🏆

Ashley Stewart

As seen on media outlets such as BuzzFeed, Refinery, 29, The Every Girl and Yahoo news!


  • Can the body butter be used on the face?

    Our body butters can be used on the face as all the ingredients we use are low on the comedogenic scale.

  • Is the body butter safe for pregnant women?

    We use essential oils in our products but they are heavily diluted. Essential Oils by themselves can induce pregnancies. While we know many pregnant women that have used these products without any issues, we aren’t qualified to provide medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before purchasing.

  • Is the body butter vegan or tested on animals?

    Our body butters are vegan friendly. We use all-natural ingredients which are also cruelty-free.

  • Can I eat the body butter?

    We created this product with the intention for it to be used on the skin and not ingested. Although, most of our products are 100% natural they are made for external use only.

  • Do you have any wholesale options?

    At this time, we do not have a wholesale catalog. However, we will consider a wholesale order depending on the quantity and the scents desired. Please email us with your request.

  • I have really sensitive skin will this irritate my skin?

    For sensitive skin, we recommend our unscented body butter. This is the safest option as it does not contain any essential oils. Feel free to test a small dime-sized amount on your skin before continuing use. We strongly believe that you’ll be impressed with the quality of our Shea butter products which naturally have anti-inflammatory properties ideal for those with skin sensitivities.